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Men's Yellow Turquoise  Bracelet

£20.00 (Sold out)

This unique bracelet has been handmade using genuine Grade A Yellow Turquoise semi precious stones and cream plated leather.

Yellow Turquoise is mostly a jasper or serpentine gemstone that is yellow with brown, green and red within, rather than a true Turquoise. The black webbing that appears throughout this stone is hematite.

It is viewed by some that Yellow turquoise helps communication, intuition and creativity, and brings wisdom. Yellow Turquoise is also said to bring positive energy and sensitivity.

Please be advised that the meanings of crystals, semi-precious stones and gemstones should be down to the wearers belief systems and not used as prescriptions or a healthcare alternative. Always seek professional advice with such concerns.

* Size - 8" in length
* Yellow Turquoise - 6mm
* Strung together using invisible thread
* Can be fastened together using an integrated loop and knot

This would make a lovely gift, ready wrapped and delivered by us to your preferred destination.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to screen/monitor settings there may be a variation between the colour you see on screen and actual colour of the product.