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Men's Mahogany Obsidian Leather Bracelet

£20.00 (Sold out)

This unique bracelet has been handmade using genuine Grade A Mahogany Obsidian semi precious stones and baige plated leather.

Mahogany Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass and is a deep reddish-brown colour with black inclusions. The distinctive coloring comes from high concentrations of iron.

Some believe Mahogany obsidian is a stone of strength - giving the wearer the ability to follow one's own convictions even in the face of adversity and bringing strength in times of need.

Please be advised that the meanings of crystals, semi-precious stones and gemstones should be accountable to the wearers belief systems and not used as prescriptions or a healthcare alternative. Always seek professional advice with such concerns.

* Size - 8" in length
* Mahogany Obsidian - 6mm
* Strung together using invisible thread
* Can be fastened together using an integrated loop and knot

This would make a lovely gift, ready wrapped and delivered by us to your preferred destination.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to screen/monitor settings there may be a variation between the colour you see on screen and actual colour of the product.