Forget-me-not Dreams and Vintage Themes

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Forget-me-Nots flowers wearable art range.

By Tanya Heasley, Apr 17 2014 02:31PM

I've been transferring real Forget-Me-Not flowers into little paintings for my wearable art range.

The flowers were picked from The Common where I live and are totally wild (not belonging to anyone). The longest process in creating these pendants, was drying out the flowers (about two weeks) so they maintain their colour. As Forget-Me-Nots are seasonal and are only in bloom for a few weeks, (and I didn't want to pick loads) I have a limited supply of them.

I picked a few bunches, about a small handful. Then using eyebrow tweezers, I gently pulled one flower from the bunch, and tweezed the green stem off. I then placed the flower sunny side down onto bloating paper, and pain stackingly continued the process with the next flower and the next and the next.

After pulling about 50 flowers off the bunches, I was left with approximatly 30 viable ones. I then covered the bloating paper containing the Forget-Me-Nots with another sheet of bloating paper and placed them within my flower press. I would then leave them in the airing cupboard for two weeks. I have done this three times now and will probably have another batch to prepare before the season of Forget-Me-Nots die away until nest Spring.

My Forget-Me-Not range will consists of wearable art pendants, earrings and cufflinks.

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